About Us

Ethiopian Organic Coffee Ltd is a family business owned by Mr Terefe Tadesse Teklemariam and Mrs Denenesh Gossaye Rufa.

“Our vision is to introduce organic coffee from its birth place, Ethiopia, to the British culture.

The major reason for this is to fulfil our own long term dream to get deep into coffee. We love coffee; we drink a lot of it and this is so from our childhoods. We will continue to enjoy coffee in its entirety and want to share our experiences. We are so excited about supplying and serving our communities this very popular and well liked product. 

We therefore have a mission to make Ethiopian organic coffee easily available, accessible and affordable to communities. We provide Ethiopian coffee drink/eat in and takeaway services thereby playing our role in the building of community and cultural ties.

We are offering our coffee through two outlets – Amazon, where customers can order bags of our Ethiopian organic coffee beans and ground coffee, and our café in Leeds.

Thank you for your interest in Ethiopian Organic Coffee.”

Photo of Denenesh and Terefe, Ethiopian Organic Coffe founders

Cup of coffee and bag of coffee beans

Our organic coffee is imported from our home country of Ethiopia.

We roast and package it here in Leeds.

Here is the fruit of all that work – a pack of our beans and a cup of our coffee at our café on Leylands Road.

Please call in and enjoy a cup, or take home a bag of beans or ground coffee to brew at home.

We would be delighted to serve you at our café!

Bags of coffee beans
Organic coffee beans on display and for sale in our shop.